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    Sharp New Flat Gamma Problem

    Sharp New Flat Gamma Problem 

    Sumber :

    series NEW FLAT GAMMA is sharp, has a regulator with the major components STRW 6754.Menggunakan FBT by type: BSC25-0232A.Disini I took a sample of type 51AF200MS SHARP.
    Who have a grievance who is very annoying in my opinion, that is pesawatTV never last long, if it is hot, the TV will be dead (standby) after a few tens of minutes ago. Exception if the casing is not installed / closed, tv can continue to survive long.
    His conclusion, there is clearly a component of results weak.based try and error I finally get the answer to solve this case.
    The solution is: replace STR 6754 and TR HOR.OUT (TT2140). Both of these components is very very hot temperatures, especially out his hor TR.
    To avoid repeated complaints, sy replace tr: with BU2508F TT2140 following this by giving him a larger heatsink, with the purpose of heat dissipation in these components can be guaranteed.
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