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    Service Panasonic Alfa gold

    Here we'll describe a little damage Panasonic Alfa Gold we have ever experienced.

    > Over the regulator output voltage.
    If this is not addressed will cause more damage fatal. This damage can we know the beginning of the following symptoms;
    - When first turned on is not immediately menagkap tv broadcasts, a new normal after some time. This is due to less stable supply voltage for VT due overnya tuner output voltage regulator when first turned on.
    - Shortnya ZD on tuners TEG Supply for VT, if this happens then when we onkan tv tv does not want to live and there was a "ngiiik".
    To overcome these problems over regulator we have to replace all elco whose value is 47 micro-regulator circuits. If we replace elco has fixed voltage over then, check resistor826 whose value is 22ohm, usually drop out.

    > Relay sound "ceklek-ceklek", do not want on tv. Damage usually occurs on the R803 is worth 470k.

    > Disearching passed, difine can-tuning. Check out the TEG at AFT AN5192K IC pin 30, if no voltage, usually ZDnya short.

    > When exposed to light images (too much contrast) tv dead, red LED life. R525 end, it was worth 22k.

    > Picture no sound normal, normal audio IC. This often happens. diode damage adjacent to the audio IC, PCB edge is located, replace it with D 4007.

    > menu To enter service mode: press the V-Disply on tv and on radio and remote, to exit press the "N" (normal) on the remote.
    download schematic tv here
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